Fabrics & Technology

Best-in-class performance fabric technologies

GR8 Call's foundation lies in the advancement of scientifically-engineered fabric technologies, meticulously crafted to enhance the performance and comfort of sports officials. Dive into our exclusive range of fabrics and cutting-edge technologies that set our products apart from similar offerings in the market.


Moisture System Transference (MST)

Our cutting-edge MST microfiber technology utilizes incredibly fine fibers, known as filaments, which are thinner than a strand of human hair, each measuring less than 1 decitex. By twisting several of these filaments together, a fine yarn is created with unique performance characteristics. This yarn is then knitted in a specific pattern, increasing the fabric's ability to transport moisture swiftly and effectively.

By drawing moisture away from the body, MST technology effectively removes the body's built-up heat, helping to regulate body temperature. This proves invaluable, especially during the cool-down period following intense physical activity, as it prevents drastic temperature drops. Moreover, MST technology reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable body temperature, thereby facilitating peak physical performance.


CoolSkin® technology serves as the cornerstone for most GR8 Call fabrics, offering an impressive advancement in performance fabric technology. By carefully deconstructing and reconstructing high-performance microfiber filaments, we have engineered the fastest moisture dispersal and vaporization process available, surpassing similar products in testing. Harnessing the power of the body's 2.4 million sweat glands as launch pads, our high-wicking material efficiently moves away moisture droplets generated during activity, faster than the body's own drying mechanism. With CoolSkin®, you can experience a cooler, drier, and more optimal performance.


Our specialized antimicrobial technology designed to preserve the freshness and durability of our fabrics. Its antimicrobial properties effectively combat odors, even after numerous machine washes, ensuring long-lasting protection. This exceptional performance is achieved through our proprietary nanotechnology manufacturing process, which allows the ultra-fine particles to adhere more effectively to the fabric, enhancing its protective capabilities.

T3® Technology

T3® Technology addresses all muscle groups and rotational movements associated with the upper and lower body planes, effectively eliminating the discomfort of binding and ride-up experienced with conventional compression and baselayer apparel. The technology features a patented ergonomic, triple-gusset design, providing unparalleled range-of-motion and complete freedom of movement. Moreover, it works in synergy with key muscle groups throughout the body, ensuring an unrestricted and comfortable fit.



Cotton just became obsolete. Our revolutionary Kottinu™ fabric, designed to provide the utmost comfort and a "cotton-like" feel. This fabric combines the superior odor and bacterial control of Fresh technology with unmatched moisture management performance. Not only that, Kottinu™ fabric outlasts cotton by up to 6 times, maintains its color sharpness with minimal fading, and proves to be a viable alternative to cotton in any application where the limitations of cotton have been regarded as the norm.


Experience the remarkable benefits of our moisture-activated cooling fabric engineered with jade minerals and powered by our CookSkin™ microfiber technology. As your body perspires, IceSkin™ reacts to provide an immediate cooling sensation. IceSkin takes advantages of the natural cooling properties of jade minerals, effectively lowering the ambient body temperature by up to 10 degrees. This helps regulate heat dissipation, allowing you to stay cooler while officiating in the heat. Additionally, the fabric's reflective properties help deflect the sun's rays, providing reliable UV protection. IceSkin incorporates Fresh, our antibacterial nano technology that offers long-lasting odor protection, maintaining freshness and cleanliness. Even after 50 washes, Fresh continues to deliver its benefits.


WarmSkin® technology introduces a high-performance fabric that comes to life with moisture. This extraordinary blend of fast-drying microfiber and specially designed microfilament hairs creates a thermal layer between the fabric and your skin, preserving your body's warmth. As you engage in activities, the warmth stays put until moisture is generated. Once that happens, the fabric releases the moisture droplets into the air, making it ideal for staying comfortable on chilly days.


Experience the ultimate in weather protection with our advanced multi-layer weatherproof fabrics. This breathable fabric is engineered with advanced bonding technology, complemented by our MST microfiber technology, ensuring swift and effective sweat-wicking capabilities. Embrace the elements with confidence and revel in unparalleled protection against challenging weather conditions.


A high-performance fabric that provides targeted compression to hardworking muscles, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery. This leads to quicker recovery times and extended muscle usage. With a smart fusion of compression materials and quick-dry fabrics, RecoverySkin empowers you to perform at your peak, all while enjoying the cool and dry feeling that high-performance fabrics provide.


Experience the versatility of SteelSkin™ technology, delivering a high-performance fabric that can be tailored to offer various qualities, from anti-abrasion to anti-cut properties. When integrated with our other technologies, it opens doors to crafting materials perfect for both durable cool/dry applications and protective warm/dry functionalities.


AbsorbSkin™ technology brings you a high-performance fabric that, when combined with our fast-drying microfiber filaments, boasts the incredible ability to absorb up to 10 times its weight in moisture. As you perspire, this fabric acts as a reservoir, retaining the excess moisture until our efficient vaporization/drying system disperses it into the atmosphere allowing for an a cool and drip-free experience.