Fox 40 Classic Fingertip

Fox 40 Classic Fingertip

Fox 40 Classic Fingertip

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The original Pealess Whistle in Fingergrip style. Authentic. Original.

Key Features:

  • Designed for referees and coaches at all levels who need to be heard
  • Adjustable fingergrip for secure and comfortable fit over fingers
  • No moving parts, eliminating risk of freezing, jamming, or deterioration
  • Flawless, consistent, and reliable performance
  • Volume increases with blowing intensity
  • Easy to blow without risk of overblowing
  • Self-clearing chambers when submerged in water
  • Highly audible above ambient noise, including crowds, engines, waves, and strong winds
  • Sound can carry up to one mile

Technical Specifications:

  • Design: 3-chamber pealess
  • Sound Power: 115 dB

This whistle is ideal for sports officials, coaches, and professionals who require a dependable and powerful signaling device in various environments.